Seven Hills  Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet

Hotel near Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Watch Istanbul one more time from the terrace of Seven Hills Teras Restaurant. The terrace restaurant located in the heart of Istanbul has a magical ambiance combined with the view of the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Hagia Sophia, and the Sea of Marmara. The restaurant, the point of interest for photographers, is ready to host you with pleasant memories of Istanbul.

Seven Hills Hotel near Hagia Sophia Istanbul, this great structure was built between 532-537 A.D. at the orders of the emperor Justinian. Its architects were Anthemius and Isidoros. A smaller church originally built here in 360 was destroyed in a fire in 404. Rebuilt eleven years later, the church was again destroyed by fire in 532 during a popular uprising.

The interior of Hagia Sophia was richly decorated with mosaics, many of which are still in palace. Over the door leading into the inner narthex is a famous mosaic depicting Mary holding the infant Christ her lap. To her right stands Constantine presenting a model of his new city while to her left is Justinian holding a model of his new church. The mosaic is in fact from the 10th century.